Experience Lead, Quality Rated, Solution Driven: The Role Your Lawyer will play in your Divorce

A Divorce Lawyer is a skilled advocate who should be knowledgeable of the Divorce process and capable of empowering you in handling every unique issue this process entails. The role of a good Divorce Lawyer is three-fold and encompasses the following expectations:   

  1. Counsel based on experience in the field of Divorce Law,
  2. Advocacy by providing high-quality representation, and
  3. A sensible plan to obtain the most advantageous solutions for your unique circumstances.

Let’s take a look at each of these roles individually:


Your lawyer’s role will involve managing the ever-changing nuances of Divorce law issues such as child custody, property division, debt, and asset evaluation. Over time, the laws regarding these issues change and only an attorney with experience can be trusted to know those developments and to advocate on your behalf to the fullest extent of the law. Just as every client is different, every Divorce process should be specially tailored to fit the client’s needs, whether that is via an uncontested divorce, mediation, or through litigation. An important part of your Lawyer’s role is to know how to initiate and navigate the road ahead.  


Your Divorce Lawyer has the responsibility of providing high-quality representation throughout every phase of your Divorce. This role requires your Lawyer be an effective communicator both inside and outside of court. Inside the court allow your Lawyer to do most, if not all, of the communication so as to frame the issues in the case appropriately and consistently before the Judge. Outside the court, it is important that you define your Lawyer’s role with regard to communication. Consider how you both will communicate; whether that is by means of client case management systems such as MyCase, or by calls, emails, or even texts. All of these methods should be addressed at the outset of the retention, setting the stage for client/attorney expectations.

High-quality representation also means your Lawyer will take on the role of putting into place the proper support systems. This may include marshaling of your key family and friends, electing a suitable guardian ad litem, and initiating referrals to licensed therapists and/or counselors to aid in the Divorce process.


Your Divorce Lawyer should provide a sensible solution that you can financially sustain and resolve in a practical time frame.

Your Lawyer should discuss with you the financial considerations to reach your goal. A candid conversation regarding the retainer amount and a forecast of the depletion of that retainer is necessary. Your Lawyer should do everything possible to stay under the discussed amount, and give you advance notice should a “refresher of your retainer” be needed. It is important to remember that most Divorce Lawyers will bill hourly for time spent drafting and filing legal documents in your case, engaging in communications, and appearing in court on your behalf. Most Lawyers will send a monthly bill indicating how much of your retainer was taken up by the time spent performing these actions.

Expect your Lawyer to do only what’s necessary to properly resolve your case. This includes refraining from engaging in petty antics with opposing parties and counsel.  This causes prolonged litigation at the cost of the attorneys’ respective clients. However, a seasoned solution driven attorney will exhibit a strong moral compass and will often take on precautionary steps to avoid these antics.


With these complex roles in mind, there is way too much at stake for you to represent yourself in your Divorce. At B Bullard Law we are focused on perfecting our role as your legal advocate in your Divorce. In retaining B Bullard Law you will have an experienced attorney, who provides high-quality representation and is focused on learning your unique circumstances so as to craft the most advantageous solutions for you and your family.  Please contact B Bullard Law firm today at 678-432-1100 or by email at info@bbullardlaw.com.

Experience Lead. Quality Rated. Solution Driven.