Prenuptial Agreements: Why, Who, and How?

Prenuptial agreements (” Prenups ”) are no longer reserved for the rich and famous. While unromantic by any stretch of the imagination, here are some points to ponder in considering whether a prenup is the best choice for you and your partner before formally solidifying your union. 

The Purpose of a Prenuptial Agreements

The purpose of a prenup is simple, to create a contractual agreement between two people prior to marriage to ensure both parties are on the same page. 

Who is a prenup right for? 

A prenup is ideal for any marriage; however, if you fit in one of these categories your probability of needing a prenup is increased:

  • Blended families 
  • Business owners
  • A partner that has significant debt
  • Valuable assets, such as substantial amounts in retirement account, stocks, or other investments
  • Considerable familial contributions such as a trust, or family business that spans across generations which you are part of

How to approach the topic? 

If you have not discussed a prenup with your partner, now is a great time. While your spouse may initially view it as your attempts to create a contingency or escape plan, an open and honest communication as to the benefits of the prenup may help subside the negative connotation that comes with the topic. Unfortunately, divorce rates are rising at a steady pace. A divorce proceeding is filled with emotions that tend to cause further financial and emotional injury. This is especially important if the parties have children.  A prenup will help prevent surprises with how debt and martial property will be awarded. The issues of child custody and child support cannot be resolved in a prenup. 

Get an experienced attorney to advise you.

A prenuptial agreement can work to make sure everyone is on the same page prior to marriage and bring you and your partner together rather than apart. While obtaining a prenuptial agreement may seem daunting, the help of a reliable attorney such as those at McGuire & Bullard can make the journey seamless and satisfying. Contact the Law Offices of McGuire & Bullard firm today at  678-432-1100 or by email at Our firm has the knowledge and resources to assist you and your unique needs.

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