How a Divorced Mother Can Survive Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the day when mothers are celebrated by their children and their husbands. It is the time they get their full attention, quality time spent together, along with some presents. However, divorced mothers are not so lucky. If the kids are not with them on this day, it may easily turn into a day full of emotional pain.

We know that many divorced mothers suffer on Mother’s Day, hence we want to share some advice on how to survive this holiday with the least amount of stress possible. It won’t be easy, but based on our experienced with divorced parents, there are ways to go through it easily.

Think About Swapping Weekends with the Father
Most often, kids stay with the mother during or after the divorce. The father usually gets a few weekends to hang out with them, but if the Mother’s Day is on the weekend that belongs to the father, then she faces a big challenge.

An easy solution is to swap the weekends with the father. If there is enough understanding between the two of you, consider giving away your time with the kids during Father’s Day in exchange to spending time with them on Mother’s Day. It is the best possible solution for both of you and the kids. All you need is good planning a few weeks in advance and a conversation with your ex-husband.

What If You Cannot Spend Time with the Kinds on That Particular Day?
If you cannot spend Mother’s Day with your children due to whatever reason, you have to accept the new situation and find a way to deal with it. We would love to provide with the magic bullet for soothing the pain resulting from the distance with your kids, but our experience has shown us that the best you can do is accept it and try to make it as good as it can be.

Stay Away from Social Media

People post mostly the extremes on social media – their best and their worst moments in life. And in most cases, they exaggerate them. On Mother’s Day, your feed will be filled with photos of happy mothers with happy kids, but you know that they may not depict the truth. Not all mothers have ideal relationships with their kids. In fact, the relationship you have with them may be much better compared to those you’ll see on social media. You were just not lucky enough to spend the day with them.

That’s why you should stay away from social media on this day and focus on what you have with the kid, not on what others do today.

Organize Something Different

You are not the only mother that spends the day alone, so why not spend it with other mothers who are in the same situation? Organize some time in the countryside, go shopping, book a spa treatment together, or do anything else you want. It can do wonders for your mood. Of course, it won’t be as good as if your kids were there, but it won’t be the worst day possible either.

Think About Having Your Own Mother’s Day

You can have your own Mother’s Day anytime you want, so why not have it the first day or the first Sunday when you reunite with the kids? Aside from mothers, kids also love Mother’s Day. They want to get the opportunity to show mom how much they love her and give her a present they have chosen for her.

Do not hesitate to plan a day with the kids to compensate for the time you could have spent together. You’ll get your Mother’s Day with them, they’ll get the chance to show you love, and together you will cherish the time you have with each other.