The Top 3 Reasons People Get Divorced

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When married couples choose to get divorced, one of the questions asked is “Why?” By breaking down the top 3 reasons that people get divorced, we can better understand how they got there – and how to prevent it next time.

When heading down the aisle, few men or women imagine that one day they will decide to move on in their lives without their spouse. Those early days of any relationship are filled with joy, excitement, and dreams of a future that seems too perfect to fail.

So why then do so many couples choose to get divorced? There are quite a few reasons, it turns out, but there are three main that those who have sought divorce often give those who ask: growing apart, an inability to communicate, and broken trust.  

In this article, we will take a closer look at each of these three reasons that couples choose divorce, and if there is hope for restoration before calling it quits for good.

3 Top Reasons That Married People Split

1. They Have Grown Apart

The idea of “growing apart” as a couple can be hard to comprehend. Yet, in a research study of divorcing parents, 55% gave this statement as the reason for their separation. So what does this “reason” actually mean?

In the early days, months, and years of a relationship, a couple may seem inseparable. They can’t wait to be together, and when they are apart, long for that moment when they are reunited.

Yet, time and the rigors of life seem to cause an almost imperceptible drift away from one another. Those who grow apart often attribute the experience to rowing a canoe down a river.

canoe oar

You may not notice the small differences in the direction you are moving at the moment. However, allow yourself to take your eye off the flow of water for a moment and become distracted by what is happening around you, and you will look up to notice you have drifted off course.

The same is true in a marriage. Life moves quickly, and without constant energy being given to directing where a relationship is heading, you may wake up one day to realize you have drifted far too apart to come together again.

2. They Have Lost The Ability To Communicate

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Similar to growing apart, some couples cite that they have chosen to get divorced because they have lost the ability to communicate with one another. Many times, this reason can be found in the legal reason given for divorce: irreconcilable differences.

As a couple, honest and open communication is key to long-term marital success. Being able to approach one another with joy and sorrow, and seek guidance on difficult issues is vital to growing a close and strong bond.

When communication breaks down – or never exists at all – it will be hard for a couple to feel united in love and respect. Healthy communication allows for grace and forgiveness when one another fails to meet expectations, and offers encouragement and tenderness when times are hard.

Without this skill, it is no wonder that couples would choose to find an opportunity to connect with someone else.

3. Trust Is Broken In The Relationship

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When one hears that someone is getting divorced, the first thought maybe “What did they do?” One of the top reasons that couples seek a divorce is because one of the parties has broken the trust of the other.

Broken trust can come in many forms:

  • Constant lies about where one has been or what one is doing.
  • Mishandling and misusing money or other financial means.
  • Infidelity – both emotional and physical.
  • Ongoing hurt and negative engagement with a partner.

Sometimes, broken trust can’t be pinpointed to a single event. Often, a variety of issues occur that lead to a breaking of trust – and the decision to end the relationship for good.

Finding Help & Hope In Divorce

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