Thinking of Divorce? It’s Time to Find Your Freedom!

Fireworks in the night sky freedomWith the 4th of July just around the corner, many are thinking about freedom. For some, freedom looks like fireworks, patriotic songs, and celebrations. For others, freedom looks like the opportunity to leave a lifeless, joyless marriage. Although we’ve all heard the horror stories about long and drawn-out divorces that are financially draining, there is hope for those looking for freedom with an uncontested divorce!

5 Keys to a Smooth Uncontested Divorce

1) Come To An Agreement

In order to expedite your divorce, ensure that you and your spouse are agreeable to all issues. In these cases, both parties negotiate and agree on everything that will go in the final documents before drafting it.

Hands signing a piece of paperwork for divorceThis agreement should include any issues related to child custody, support, or visitation; distribution of property and assets; division of marital debt; spousal support; and anything else that may be pertinent.

2) Make Sure Your Attorney Has Experience With Family Law

Once an agreement is made, you want an attorney experienced in family law to help you and your spouse draft the settlement agreement and all child related documents (if needed). Courts are busy, and the judge may delay the divorce proceedings if there is any missing paperwork.

When searching for an attorney, make sure they are well known in their field by looking at their reputation and online reviews from previous clients. You want to feel confident in your divorce lawyer’s expertise on all aspects of the process, no matter how difficult your case is.

You can’t go wrong with a lawyer who has years of experience!

3) Choose A Final Hearing

Choose a final hearing date to conclude the divorce.

A bronze statue of Lady Justice holding scales

An attorney can assist you so you do not have to appear before the court.

4) Don’t Panic If You Have Children

Although it may seem like kids may complicate the process, they don’t have to make the divorce process difficult. Make sure you discuss parenting time and child support in any negotiations.

The court will review all child custody agreements, regardless of what is stated within the agreement signed by both parties, to ensure that the best interests of the child is maintained.

5) Use A Mediator For Any Disputed Issues Of Your Divorce

If there is any portion that you are unable to agree upon, it is often easier to hire a neutral third-party mediator to go over all the disputed issues of your divorce before you sign any documents.

A man and woman shaking hands while a woman looks on.

Each spouse splits the cost evenly. This critical step – while optional -will ensure that both parties agree on every document involved in terms of property, alimony, child support, and any other monetary issues related to the dissolution of marriage.

Find True Freedom This 4th of July WITH A DIVORCE

A country road with no traffic.Divorce can be a trying time for anyone. The process can be difficult, complicated, and full of legal complexities. However, with the right knowledge and steps, you can start paving your path to freedom this Independence Day.

If you are thinking of getting divorced in Georgia please contact us or call 678-432-1100 to schedule a consultation with an experienced family law attorney. The team at McGuire & Bullard would personally like to talk with you about divorce and how you can take the steps now toward true freedom.