Child Custody

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Child custody- a peculiar legal issue

There comes a time in an individual’s life where he needs to make some really tough decisions that have the potential of transforming his life altogether. For example, a marriage is one sacred bond that starts with big promises and expectations but not all marriages have a happy ending. A marriage having a traumatic end doesn’t imply that things are over, it only gives an individual second chance to start his/her life over again but beginning on a fresh note may not always be an easy choice especially when this decision involves child custody.

Whether the issue of child custody arises due to the ending of a marriage or the concern of an unwedded parent, decisions involving child custody are extremely peculiar and involve a lot of legal issues that can only be sorted out with the help of an attorney having expertise in handling such issues.

Types of Custody

Generally, there are two types of custodies: physical and legal. A physical custody dispute takes into account the primary residence facility of child; typically, one parent takes sole responsibility for the child’s physical custody and the other is offered planned visitation rights. In some cases the child gets an opportunity to stay with each parent for predefined portion of time as both of them share equal responsibility. Alternatively, legal custody concerns the life decisions of a child; all matters related to educational, medical, religious factors are decided by legal custodians. Generally legal custody is permitted to one parent or decisions are divided between both.

While making decisions regarding Child custody, a court looks exclusively at the best interest of the child. First preference to interest of child as well as the most stable environment for his growth.

Generally a court will consider:

  • Stability of each parent
  • Capacity of fulfilling development, emotional and psychological needs of child
  • Effective communicate with child and non-custodial parent

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We know that issues related to child custody are extremely sensitive and emotional and our law firm tends to exercise extreme care and caution in handling such cases. We extend warm support and help to our clients who are seeking amicable solutions of raising their children and provide nothing but the best legal services to them.

If you need some legal help regarding child custody matters you can immediately call The Law Offices of McGuire & Bullard. We offer best facilities for such cases and save parents from anxiety related to divorce process. Using various strategical approaches we deal with child custody issues so that child can avail best environment for growth after divorce of parents.