Child Support

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If you are living in Georgia, or have an enforceable Georgia child support order, then you need to worry because The Law Offices of McGuire & Bullard is here to extend you its full support in such matters. At The Law Offices of McGuire & Bullard, we have a number of experienced family attorneys that specialize in child support disputes who have had extremely successful and untainted legal careers.

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Courts in Georgia used to compare the independent incomes of the both parents and kept economic varsity of the parent on the top of the basic requirements for custodianship. However, in 2007, the judiciary started aggregating the gross income of both parents and making a child support determination based on an “Income Shares Model”. The new guidelines allot for shared expenses and deviations for both parents. A deviation is an amount the court uses to alter the presumptive child support amount upwards or downwards due to many factors.

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The laws regarding child support in Georgia are indeed very rigorous and have even become complicated to understand now. No individual can think of sailing smoothly through this vast ocean of documentation, legal formalities, stringent compliances and hectic hearings alone and this is the reason why one must hire a professional attorney who’ll accomplish all tedious legal tasks for you and that too without making you and your child suffer. So, don’t wait up to give your child a nice and bright future; Call The Law Offices of McGuire & Bullard and book a personalized appointment with our expert child support attorney today.