The very idea of divorce is an unpleasant one which drains you not just emotionally but also financially. A divorce involves 4 major issues, specifically, child custody, child support, alimony and equitable division which one needs to resolve during the strenuous process. The path to divorce is surely an unpleasant one but with the help of the reliable attorneys of The Law Offices of McGuire & Bullard you can make the process less arduous and stressful.

Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Divorce can broadly be classified into 2 types: contested and uncontested. An uncontested divorce requires both the party to agree on all the different issues and come up with a settlement agreement and present the documents needed by the court for approval. A contested divorce happens when a formal complaint is filed by just one party. Before beginning the procedure the plaintiff is needed to file a petition (generally with an attorney’s help) with the Clerk of Court and a copy of this petition needs to be served on the defendant. According to the laws of Georgia all these petitions needs to be verified by the court.

Life Cycle of Case

On being served with a petition for divorce the party has one month’s time to respond to the petition with an answer. During the discovery process which lasts for about 6 months both the involved parties are entitled to send written questions (aka interrogatories) to one another. The objective of this whole process of discovery is to collect information and evidence from the other party. Once the petition for divorce along with the answer has been filed, and discovery has been completed, the immediate step awaiting you is the final hearing.

Even after the trial has been completed the case might not get over since one of the parties can choose to file a motion for a new trial or appeal the results of the trial to the higher courts. Without the help of an experienced attorney the entire process of divorce can be an overwhelming and painful one.

Let Our Experience Attorneys Assist You

The attorneys of The Law Offices of McGuire & Bullard are always attending special lectures to stay updated with all the recent developments in psychology and family law. While our lawyers would concentrate in representing you in the divorce action the rest of our team staff is more than just lawyers. They have all the required training and qualification to advance your interests. Not just one lawyer but out entire team of legal professionals including assistants and paralegals would be dedicated to your case and ensure that it gets handled quickly and effectively.

B Bullard Law Firm is one of the most trusted family law firms of Georgia and we would take every possible care to ensure that all your needs are addressed during the entire process. Moreover our team of attorneys would effectively handle all the issues involving marital estates, investments, pensions, retirement accounts, marital businesses, stock accounts etc. No matter what situation you are in we would help you with a fair division of assets.