Estate Planning

Estate planning is important for numerous reasons. First, your family should have an understanding of your final wishes. Additionally, your estate could be tied up in probate for months leaving your family to deal with legal issues. While most of us don’t like to think about our deaths, it’s a fact of life we all must face.

Estate Planning

Georgia Estate Planning Services

We work with each client individually to determine their estate planning needs. Some of our clients need a simple will and advanced care directives while others have more complex needs which may involve creating trust agreements. Wills are public and some of us prefer our estate plan remain private; which is an added benefit of creating a trust.

Having an estate plan in place ensures your wishes for your medical care towards the end of your life are carried out. We can help you create a plan that specifies how your assets are to be divided as well as to provide for the care of minor children or disabled family members. You should never leave these matters to chance.

Preparation is key

The truth is bitter and therefore it is hard to swallow it. One such bitter truth is ‘death’. It is tough to have a thought of death but it is an unavoidable truth that we all have to go someday to an unknown land. You must have seen variety of deaths around you and its impact on the successors. If each phase is not planned properly then it can prove fatal and the harsh court verdicts may deprive your loved ones of their rights. Therefore estate planning is one such aspect which needs to be dealt professionally so as to provide a safe and secured future to your near and dear ones.

Getting a solicitor to draw your will can save those who are left behind from stress and provide peace of mind. This is why The Law Offices of McGuire & Bullard has brought up professional and legal advice relating to estate planning.

Services Provided:

  • MAKING A WILL: The will contains details about what you want to leave and who you want to leave it to. The right and share of the successors who you wish to inherit your property are mentioned in the will after due consultation with you. If you want to name a guardian who shall care for your young children then we also manage all formalities of it.
  • MAKE ADVANCE HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVES: The medical science has done many improvements and is able to sustain the life much longer but still health is uncertain. There may come a time when you may not be able to express your preferences about your treatment after getting injured through accidents or due to any other reason. If you would not have done advance health care directives then your family may have to obtain court orders to deal with your medical situation. Therefore ‘living will’ is created wherein you specify your preferences about the life sustaining treatment or you can appoint a person and grant him the authority to take decision in such situation. We provide proper advice in making these directives.
  • TRUST FORMATION: You may be interested in forming a trust and transferring your estate to the trust and making your family members as the beneficiaries. This will save them from going through the lengthy and time consuming processes of probate courts.

How The Law Offices of McGuire & Bullard can improve the estate planning?

  • PERFECTION: We have experienced fellows who make sure that there is no mistake in the will papers. Any mistake can render the documents useless and solicitors help in minimizing the risk of these things.
  • UN-COMPLICATED: The estate laws and regulations are quite complex. There are many interpretations of sections and explanations and along with that there are judicial pronouncements which make the law more complex. We would help you in making effective choices.
  • PROTECTION: If something goes wrong then we are here to provide ultimate protection. If we have included some clause in your will it is backed by valid evidence which can be proved if required.
  • SIMPLIFICATION: The formal and complex process involving court approval, attestations by different signatories are all done by us on your behalf. This saves you from the complex and involving hassles which eat up much of your time.

You can leave all your estate planning issues on us as we understand your concerns after a friendly consultation. We are the advocates for your family and you can rely on us in the tough walks of life.

Whether your assets are modest or you have worked your entire life to build a strong business, The Law Offices of McGuire & Bullard can help with all your estate planning needs throughout the state of Georgia including Clayton County, Fayette County and Henry County. Contact us today at (678) 432-1100 and let us customize a plan suited to your needs and goals.